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"Shane's work has changed everything!  I have finally fallen in Love in a way that I never thought I would again."

-Lindsay Graff

Hi!  I'm Shane, thanks for stopping by!

Are you ready to live a deeply enriched, fulfilling life and attract the passionate, conscious love you've always wanted?
I'm here to show you how...

About Shane...

My journey is a testament to the power of resilience, self-discovery, and transformation.


Coming from a tumultuous childhood marked by suffering through my mother's abusive relationships and my surviving my father's narcissism which ultimately resulted in my  own addiction and co-dependency issues, my path to healing and love has been a profound one.

Despite enduring heartbreak and disappointment throughout my love life, I never lost hope for a loving and fulfilling relationship. My experiences, though painful, served as catalysts for introspection and growth. Eventually, I realized I lacked the necessary skills to create a healthy and conscious partnership and I embarked on a journey of healing. 

Through years of introspection, self-awareness, and personal development,  I confronted my insecurities and fears head-on. I learned to shed my protective armor and embrace my authentic self, paving the way for genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

I learned to understand my trauma and why I relate the way I relate. I learned to heal my attachment wounds, how to communicate effectively, and how to create standards and boundaries.  But most of all, I learned to love, value, and respect myself which allowed all of that other stuff to happen and allowed me to finally be truly loved in a partnership. 

My journey led me to Fatima, the love of my life. Our story blossomed from a chance encounter at brunch to a deep and enduring partnership built on love, appreciation, and mutual respect.  Together we've overcome 3 years long distance, beat breast cancer, built a home, and started a family. 

I've always loved love and the most important thing to me in life was to create it for myself.  Now that I have it, I teach others to do the same.  I'm a certified transformational coach and trainer and I've been trained by some of the leaders in human development.   I'm a psychology geek, a spiritualist.  My work is well respected world-wide and my programs and platforms have reached millions around the world. 

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Loving Couple


In working with The Living Relationship, I found love!  And I was ready for it.


I wish I had started sooner, to save myself years.  I am now engaged to the most incredible man!  I realized very quickly that things were worse than I had thought.  I was guarded and defensive from years of disappointment.  I started this process because I wanted to find Love and that's exactly what I found! 


Shane and Fatima walk the walk.  In a gentle and loving way, they show you step-by-step, how to create a conscious relationship.  They are very generous listeners and they are always on the side of your extraordinary love.  I highly recommend them.


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