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1-Hour Private Session (SAVE $150)

New Clients Only

This live private zoom session is our opportunity to get to know you and see how we can help.  We will ask key questions to hear your story and understand where you're coming from.  We'll share our best insights to support you in taking the best next steps and if you want continued coaching, we'll apply everything you paid for this to any coaching package you choose.   


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First Month

4 1-Hour Private Sessions (SAVE $200)

New Clients Only

If you are ready to make a lasting difference in your Love life, then weekly private coaching is the fastest way there.  You will receive personalized attention and support from us plus access to all of the secrets we teach in our courses.  In addition to our weekly face-to-face, you can text us anytime to check in.  We are on your team 100%.



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3 Months 

12 1-Hour Private Sessions (Save $1000)

New Clients Only

3-Months is the maximum amount of time you can book us for privately and we don't always work with people for that amount of time.  

If you want us to coach you long-term, to find your ideal partner and create your Epic Love Story together, then make the 3-Month commitment so we can truly take you where you need to go.