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Mini Session

5-10 Min Video

Tell us about your problem and we'll create a personalized 5-10 minute video sharing our most helpful insights into your situation. 

Think of this as your own private session at a fraction of the price.   


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1-Hour Private Session

(First -time clients only)

We'll speak with you live via Zoom to hear what's going on and determine how we can help.  During this call, we'll share our best insights into your situation, and if you want any further coaching, we'll apply the full cost of this session to any product or package that you choose.



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First Month

4 1-Hour Private Sessions (SAVE $100)

(First -time clients only)

If you know you need to do some concentrated work, you may just want to begin with a full month.  Take advantage of this introductory offer and save $100 on your first month. 

This initial month is designed specifically to help you find clarity on the best next steps for your situation and help you to start moving on in the most empowering way possible.