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Why Men Fall in Love: Exclusive Interview Series

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If you've ever wondered what he's actually thinking, what he's truly looking for in a partner, and what will make him fall in Love, these 20 men have given me the opportunity to pick their brains and ask those exact questions. In this interview series, the 20 men reveal all. You will hear real-life stories from men who have made the decision to commit their lives to one woman, why and how they fell in Love, and what brought them to make that commitment. I hope these interviews will inspire you to see that real Love is happening every day for ordinary people and that just as these men were once searching for a lifetime Love, there is someone right now dreaming about the Love you'll share together. As you watch these interviews, allow them to touch your heart and remind you of how close Love really is. These men are my friends, teachers, mentors, and brothers and I'm so grateful to be able to introduce them to you. So without further ado, please enjoy Why Men Fall in Love: The Exclusive Interview Series

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