Seven Days of Inspiration

Day #7: Your Love life is only one area of your life and not the most important one.  People who are obsessed with Dating are boring.  People who live a fulfilled and

passionate life are sexy.

"I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing

myself  when I move around." 

-Elvis Presley 

Journaling Prompts:

1.  What are the things that I'm most passionate about in life?  How much space do I make for those things in my life?  Do I allow myself time and space to explore my passions?  


2.  Looks inside, what would make someone fall in Love with me?  What are the character qualities about me that are most attractive? 


3.  What are ways that I can naturally connect with new people while doing things I love to do anyway?  There's no better place to meet someone than a place where I'm at my best and my best qualities are showing through.  How can I create more opportunities to connect with people in environments like that?