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A Crash Course in Love

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The 4-Week Deep Dive into Freedom from the Frustrations of Love and Dating and your path to creating an Epic Love Story

You're in the right place...

You didn't land on this page by accident, you made it here very intentionally.  You ended up here because you're looking for something--something real, deep, and meaningful.  You want a Love that can last a lifetime, a Romance that takes your breath away, and a Partner who will stand by your side through it all. 


You want Love, but not the fake idea of Love that most people are after.  You want the real thing.  The intimate, supportive, messy, adventurous kind of Love that you always thought was possible but you're now beginning to question.


You're wondering if you've been asking for too much, being too picky, or just unrealistic altogether.  You're wondering if you should just settle for that nice guy or gal who's safe and predictable.  You're doubting that you really can have it all. 


We know this struggle so well.  We know what it feels like, dealing with all the dating drama and sincerely asking yourself if this is all there is to Love.  We know so well the feeling of waiting for a callback that never comes, falling for someone who disappears without so much as a call, and being led on by someone who says all the right things but never follows through.

We want to assure you, the Love you've dreamed about your whole life is very real and very possible, but most people don't find it because they simply don't know how.  Most of the ways that people are attempting to find Love is more accurately the way not to find it and if you've been dating in the last 20 years, you've surely picked up a lot of false ideas about dating.   

Think of this class as everything we wish we had known when we were dating.  The foundational guidelines that would have saved us years and helped us find each other much more quickly.  We learned the hard way (as we know you have) but there's no need to waste any more time. 


This 4-week class will transform your relationship with Love and Dating and it will never be the same again.


We hope we see you there.



Shane and Fatima    

The Breakthrough Course...

Breakthrough Your Limiting Assumptions About Love

  • Discover and find Clarity about what you truly Desire from Life and Love. Explore how much you honestly believe that you can have it. 

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs you hold about men and/or women and see how they have been preventing you from the deep intimacy that is available to you.  

  • Create the courage you need to communicate openly, uphold your boundaries, and ask for the commitment that you truly want and deserve in your relationship.


Understand What You REALLY Deserve 

  • Face up to your limiting ideas about rejection, being too much/not enough, not being wanted, and abandonment.

  • Discover what is preventing you from experiencing yourself as truly worthy of Love and fully embodying the confidence that comes with that. 

  • Explore where you have been "settling" and why.  Finally understand what has kept you from finding the Love that is meant for you and ignite the passion that will make it a reality. 


Clarify & Identify

  • Recognize the deepest levels of attraction that truly draw you toward the right person and them to you.  Learn to relate with someone on the deepest and most meaningful levels.   

  • Identify how you will know when you meet the right person and learn what will really make your relationship with them thrive. 

  • Uncover and breakthrough the Toxic patterns of the past.  Tune in to attractions that are life-fulfilling rather than life-destroying.

Course Outline

Session 1  

  • Themes: Commitment, Patterns, Worthiness, Rejection, Risk

  • Exercises: Speak for Yourself, Partnership, What is diminishing your worthiness?

Session 2

  • Themes: Sharing, Speaking, Accountability, Deserving Love, Courage, Attraction

  • Exercises: Facing up to my sabotage, Clarity Map, Creating my Statement


Session 3

  • Themes: Vulnerability, Honesty, Authenticity, Rejection, Speaking up, Partnership

  • Exercises: Speaking your statement, Assessing your patterns, Finding Your Joy


Session 4

  • Themes: Courage, Worthiness, Discovery, Next Steps, Possibility, Love

  • Exercises: What is possible, Reflections, Next Steps

**All Sessions are held Live and in-person attendance is required.**  

**Sessions are held 6pm - 7:30 pm EST**

Some words from our Graduates

This Course is for you if...

You are done with the dating drama forever and you are ready to do whatever it takes to find True Love
You are tired of wasting your time with non-committal, dead-end, relationships that never deserved you in the first place.
                                             You are ready for something real, deep, and passionate. 
                                             A Lifetime Love. 

This Course is not for you if...

You aren't particularly interested in finding Love and you're ok with dating that ultimately goes nowhere.
You only want something casual with little to no commitment.
You don't want to do the work necessary to break your limiting habits and establish your worth. 

When You Join You Get

  • Four 90-minute Live Sessions with us

  • Access to an incredible Live Community of consciously-minded people who want the best for you

  • Live Group Coaching, learn from others and build powerful bonds

  • Online Community for weekly support and messenger access directly to us

  • Weekly post-session Personalized Q and A 

  • Access to all our foundations content:  The building blocks of your dream relationship

Who are we?

May Registration Open Now!  $495 

Shane and Fatima

You have our 100% commitment to being completely on your team.  We will give you everything we have to offer and always from our commitment to your Epic Love Story 

We appreciate your heart, your commitment, and your journey.  We understand the challenge of finding Love very well and we want you to know that you are really not alone in this. 

It means the world to us that you're allowing us to support you and we are so honored to be a part of that journey.

If there is any way we can be there to support you futher, don't hesitate to email us directly at     

Our Promise...

Meet Shane


I think it was Valentine's Day 2011 when I started to realize I had some serious relationship work to do.  My relationship at the time was incredibly toxic, for many reasons (I'll save you all the details), but that Valentine's Day was especially tragic.

My girlfriend had canceled our plans last minute, as she often did, somehow she made it my fault even though it wasn't, and I sat home hurt and alone, thinking there was something wrong with me. 


I later found out that she had spent the night out partying with friends (probably other men) and that the whole "fight" was just a strategy to get out of our plans. 


But that's not all.  When we later "rescheduled," she openly mocked the whole romantic celebration I put together for her.  I was crushed, but believe it or not, I still tried to make it work after that.


That relationship broke my heart over and over again until I finally found the courage to believe that I deserved better and was able to leave.  That wasn't the end though, it was the beginning of a transformative search for true Love that was several years long. 

When I look back, I cannot believe some of the things that I was willing to tolerate and allow in relationships.  Like someone calling me whenever they felt like it and then not hearing from them for weeks, and still making myself available when they finally called.


Or when I spent almost two years with someone that I knew I didn't Love, just because I honestly didn't think anyone else would want me.   


But I think the breaking point was when I fell in love with a married woman, who was using me to escape from her unhappy marriage, and she abruptly ended it without so much as a goodbye. I was CRUSHED.


It took a lot of heartache for me to really start to ask myself WHAT is it that I really WANT???  And if I thought that I deserved to have it.  But when I could honestly ask myself those questions, the answer was YES! and that's when I learned exactly what it takes to find TRUE LOVE.     

Meet Fatima

I can't tell you how many times I've been hurt, disappointed, and let down by someone who never deserved my attention in the first place.  I wish I could say that was rare but, to be honest, that was just how most relationships went for me.

There was the guy who breadcrumbed me for months and expected me to drop everything to be available for him, but when I hurt myself in a yoga class and needed a ride to the hospital, he was "too busy" watching the game with his friends.


My ex who expected me to always make the hour drive to his house but would never come to mine because he didn't want to put the miles on his car.  

And my 3-year marriage to a man who thought my feelings were "too deep" and would tell me to stop starting problems anytime I brought up an issue we were having.  I went to sleep crying so many nights feeling frustrated and alone, doubting I would ever find happiness in a relationship.    

I totally misunderstood who I was and what I deserved in a relationship.  I thought that asking for Love was asking for too much and that I should just be content with whatever I got, whoever was there.    


I thought I should diminish myself and my expectations to make the men in my life more comfortable, that what I needed and wanted wasn't very important, and that I shouldn't rock the boat.  

And because of  that I was willing to tolerate things that I should never have tolerated and WOULD NEVER tolerate now.  They weren't easy lessons but when the pain was great enough, I got the support I needed to recognize how much I am worth, how much I deserve to be Loved in all of the "unrealistic" ways that I always wished I could be. 

When I found the courage to fight for myself and for my heart, that's when I learned exactly what it takes to find TRUE LOVE.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sessions held?

The sessions are held on Monday evenings for 4 weeks.  Starting at 6:00 EST and going until 7:30 EST.  We will always begin the sessions exactly on time, the end time will be approximate but close.  

Do I have to attend all 4 sessions?

To get the maximum value from this course, you will want to make arrangements to attend all the sessions in their completion.  Each session is packed with incredible value and there is no way to make up what you miss.

How long are the sessions?

Each of the Live sessions are 90 min.

Will I be on camera?

Yes, we expect each participant to be present and visible during the Live sessions just as though we were all in a room together.  It supports the feeling of connection and teamwork. 

Are the sessions Live?

Yes, you will be in a Live classroom with both of us and the other participants.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, there will be time for questions and discussion during the sessions as well as an optional Live Q & A mid-week for additional support.  

Make 2021 your year for Love

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