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The Epic Love Program

Part 1:  Context and Manifestation

A 6-week, highly personalized experience to prepare you to Attract the Love that most people Only Ever Dream About

Course Outline

Session 1 Context and Manifestation

Discover what it is that will attract your ideal partner to you and how to be the person that they will fall in Love with. 

Session 2 Beliefs and Resistance

Understand how our limiting beliefs lead us to react in fear and push the Love we want out of our lives.


Session 3 Payoffs and Prices 

Recognizing how we invest in ideas and feelings that disconnect us from others and from our authentic selves.  Learning to find freedom from this. 


Session 4 Quality Connections and Self-Care

The secret to never wasting time in dating, meeting incredible people, and Loving life as a single person. 

Session 5 Passion without Insistence

Explore your passions in the most uplifting and inspiring ways and use your passions to attract amazing people to you. 

Session 6 The Dating World Online and Off

Create a dating lifestyle that is fulfilling and brings you joy, learn to only meet the right people, and streamline your process to an Epic Love Story!  

This is a Live Course held weekly at 6:00 PM EST.  Live attendance is required and there will be no make-up for missed sessions. 

What you can expect...

1.  Personalized Experience--focused attention on your personal situation, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

2. Working with Manifestation and the Law of Attraction--How you can bring yourself into alignment with the relationship you're looking for?


3. Learn to cultivate your passion and make authentic connections through it. 

4. Learn how to "drop the handkerchief":  Opening the door to make the right connections with the right people without coming across as needy or desperate.

5. Create a powerful relationship with online dating including having an amazing profile, screening potential interests, the amount of time you spend on apps, and how to plan and prepare for a first date.

6. Navigating pandemic dating.  It won't last forever but it's here now.  Maintain your momentum, manage your stress and anxiety around it, and explore dating in a creative new way.

7.  Community support.  Continue to work in a supportive environment of like-minded and committed people.  Get the support you need to stay on track for the Love you deserve. 

Plus the Added Bonuses! 

Direct message and email access to us throughout the course.  Get our insights into what's going on. 

Live Q and A Session Every Saturday.  Post your questions and get them answered. 

Included with your tuition!  One-Hour Private Coaching Session [$200 Value]

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