The Three-Day Intensive that teaches you everything you need to know to go out there and meet the Love of your Life
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You have just taken a huge first step towards True Love and Fulfillment in a committed relationship! 
We understand, more than most people, the challenges of the dating world and trying to find Love.  We know how painful and toxic it can all be and we understand that you have been through so much already.  We don't take that lightly.  
We want you to know that you are not alone in these challenges and we are here to help.  That's why we designed this course.  Over the years, we've worked with hundreds of people just like you to escape the dating drama forever and find themselves in the arms of a Loving partner.  
We've created a system that is guaranteed to take you from going to bed alone every night to a fulfilling Life with a Loving and Committed partner. 
In this video course, we are giving you this system in a simple three-day process that outlines every step to make dating fun and effortless and streamline you towards the Love that you've always wanted!  

Lesson 1: The Reason People Don't Find Love and End Up Alone

Here we explore the 1 reason that people end up alone.  This is literally the only reason that you will not find anyone!  But there are simple things that you can do to make sure that it doesn't happen to you.  
In this session we tell you:
1. What this reason is
2. The underlying causes that lead to this happening
3. What you need to do to prevent this from happening to you  

Lesson 2: What It Means to Actively Engage In Your Love Life

Our process largely exists in 2 domains: 
1. Dating Strategy-- These are the tools we use to make dating fun and effortless.  By implementing these strategies, you learn to meet quality people, make lots of friends, become happier than you've ever been in your life, and do all of this without even feeling like you're going out of your way. 
2. Relationship Skills-- Here we teach you how to use the tools of communication, boundaries, and commitments in a way that sets every relationship up for success.  By developing these Relationship Skills, you will quickly and easily determine the potential that someone has for a real relationship without wasting any unnecessary time with them, which is very important.  You will also prevent 90% of the pain that comes from dating the wrong people. 
In this session, we give you an in-depth description of these tools and tell you exactly how to use them.  

Lesson 3: Real-World Application and Likely Obstacles 

Let's be honest--Everything sounds easy when you hear it in a class but applying it to life is a different ballgame.  Now that we've told you everything you need to know, we're addressing the challenges that come with applying it in the real world and the obstacles that you are sure to face as you attempt to do so.  
This session is all about preparing you for your new approach to Love.  We discuss the frustrations and challenges that you'll be confronting, how you'll need to overcome them, and how we can support you in the process.   
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