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Lesson 1:

The Reason People Don't Find Love
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When you're dating, you have the single most valuable resource: TIME.


The process that we are presenting in the program is one that anyone who puts in the true work can follow and it will ultimately result in finding True Love.  As we like to say, we've tested this process with each other and then proved it with hundreds of people like you.


If anyone can do it, then "Why do some people never find Love," you ask?


Our answer is simple--they don't give themselves the time.


Instead, they waste time either chasing relationships that will never work or avoiding relationships altogether and then end up running out of time.  The older you get, the more challenging dating becomes--at least that seems to be the honest experience of most people.


The longer you go without Love, the more likely you are to remain without it.  And the more time you spend in unfulfilling relationships, the more you will believe that's all that's out there.


To find Love you need to actively engage in dating.  We mean learning how to meet not just people, but quality people and putting yourself in environments that bring out your very best qualities in front of those people.  It's about learning to express yourself in the most authentic and powerful ways that attract the right people.  


You also need to become very skilled at assessing potential relationships in terms of what you're truly looking for and develop the courage to walk away from people that cannot and/or will not give you what you want.

Most people's Love lives are determined by their fear--their fear of rejection, judgment, or being alone.  Because of these fears, you'll subject yourself to unfulfilling relationships and diminish your own worthiness for the sake of hanging on to someone. 


In extreme cases, you'll stop trying altogether.  Losing any realistic hope that you could ever find Love, you resign yourself to being alone or to a loveless relationship.  

Love is attainable but it requires a level of courage, authenticity, and self-expression that frankly, most people are terrified of.  In the Session 1 Homework, we're going to be exploring where your fear has been limiting you in your search for Love.  Awareness of this is essential before Session 2 where we will be diving into the tangible actions that will forever transform relationships for you.