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Inspired Love is a program that I've poured my soul into and it is very near and dear to my heart. 


This is a complete program in that it addresses every essential aspect of creating love in your life and manifesting a relationship with your ideal partner. 

This is not a “quick fix” or “3 tips to make everything better” kind of program.  This process is about becoming fully integrated in your authentic self, healing emotional trauma, releasing stories from the past that limit you, developing a profound spiritual connection, and embodying love in such a magnetic way that anything that is not love can no longer exist in your space.


Over the course of 12-weeks, we are going to deep dive into: 


  • Breaking apart the ugly beliefs that sabotage us from the hidden recesses of our consciousness

  • Healing the emotional wounds that keep us in the grip of fear and anxiety and prevent us from receiving love into our lives 

  • Quieting the incessant thinking that takes us out of the present moment where we can experience real connection and into our mind where connection is impossible

  • Feeling whole, at peace, and safe within your own body

  • Receiving love, because this itself is a skill we are not very practiced with

  • Being connected to a greater sense of direction and purpose

  • Empowering ourselves in the dating world with effective tools that actually work

  • Trusting ourselves and our own inner-wisdom to be able to navigate our lives to a place of happiness, fulfillment, and Love 


If you feel that this program is the right thing for you at this time, please apply at the link below and we can't wait to get to know you better on your discovery call! 


Session 1: Connection, Understanding and Practice

In this session we'll begin understanding the 4 dimensions of being, learning to align with Love on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, and creating supportive practices to step into this in an inspiring and effortless way.

Session 2: Emotional Awareness and Healing

In session 2 we'll explore ourselves as emotional beings. You'll learn your personal emotional style and what that means for you in working with emotion. We'll go through a guided process to build more emotional awareness and create more freedom and emotional availability in your daily life.

Session 3: Shadows of the Past

Session 3 is about bringing awareness to how our ego uses the past to shape our future. We'll identify the patterns of fear that have shaped our behavior and the life events that set these cycles in motion. We'll see how to get free of these and create abundant Love in our future.

Session 4: Wounded Parents and Attachment

This session is about recognizing the wounded archetypes that we grew up around and how that shaped our experience of ourselves and relationships. By understanding our relationship to our early caretakers, we can understand how we relate overall.

Session 5: Confronting Shame and Guilt

In session 5, we begin to identify how shame and guilt have been prevalent in our lives. We understand the place that shame and guilt hold in our consciousness and through a guided process, we'll confront where they still live within us and release to have a profound experience of worthiness.

Session 6: Emotional Release

In this special session, we'll be using a powerful somatic release process to expel the emotional blockages we've identified throughout the program so far. Expect to have a profound and emotional, life-altering shift in this session.

Session 7: The Inner Child

Session 7 is about getting in touch with the unacknowledged and Invalidated aspects of ourselves that have been repressed since childhood. We'll be exploring the unmet needs we had as children and how to heal that as adults.

Session 8: Being and Attracting a High Value Partner

This session is about clarifying what love actually is and how it is truly manifested in our lives. We discuss the attributes of a High Value Partner and how to be the embodiment of that in your life so that people experience you that way and want more of you.

Session 9: Manifestation, Expectation, and Timelines

In session 9, we'll be looking at the true process of manifesting love. What you need to do and what you don't need to do. How to use your passion to create amazing experiences and attract amazing partners. And the timeline along which a conscious relationship will naturally unfold.

Session 10: Love Comes Alive

This session will be open coaching around any and all love and dating questions. You will come prepared with anything you want to ask/explore and we'll spend the entire session in an open forum discussion.

Session 11: Best Dating Practices

This is the "tips and tricks" session where we talk about all the things that work and don't work in the dating world. Topics include but are not limited to: healthy power dynamics, texting strategies, how and where to meet the right people, identifying quality connections, online dating, and "dropping the handkerchief".

Session 12: Manifesting True Love in Real Life

In our last session we'll be exploring practices you can use to remain empowered and confident as you approach love in the real world. We'll do a guided experience around intimacy and clarity and take time for open sharing to bring our time together to completion.


The content, meditation, learning so much about myself, ego, learning from others, and understanding my past and how it shapes my concept of love. Understanding why I do what I have done and learning to date.



Learning about vibration frequencies, inner child wounds, attachment styles, qualities of a high-value partner. I think Shane did a great job - very comprehensive! I really enjoyed my time.



The active work and tangible practices shared that can be used! I felt like everything was very real and honest and helpful. From the meditations to the breath work and all the ppt information - I was able to have many realizations that helped me make sense of myself better and heal. I had to wake up at 4:30 am haha but it was worth it!



I really learned a lot from Shane and the participants as well. I especially enjoyed the coaching sessions. I think that Shane is a great teacher/coach and it is apparent that he is both committed to this program and helping others to find the love we deserve.



The information and insight Shane offered. It was more than dating tips, it was information about deeper processes and how to heal and be more authentic. Wonderful experience! The video replay links, personal stories, homework, session materials were all so helpful.



How holistic the coverage of the modules were - everything to do with building a loving and deep relationship was covered





Co-Creator: The Living Relationship

Shane Kohler is the Co-Creator of The Living Relationship, founder & host of The Conscious Love Show Podcast, and the architect & designer behind the Inspired Love Program.


Passionate about love for as long as he can remember, Shane has always known his calling was to help create more love in the world.  With over a decade long background in personal transformation and spiritual development, Shane decided to direct his skills toward teaching how to manifest love after meeting the love of his life Fatima, and proposing to her in 2018.  Since then, he has grown The Living Relationship to a network reaching over 100,000 people weekly, created a top 1% podcast with thousands of monthly listeners, and opened the Inspired Love Program to share his processes with the world.


Shane has been trained by some of the masters in transformational work.  He's traveled the world delivering transformational trainings and seminars and has personally coached 100's of people.  He has been a devoted student of A Course in Miracles for almost 10 years and the Inspired Love Program is the culmination of all of this.  In this program, he takes all the knowledge he's gained and applies it to the process of consciously creating a partnership that is meant to last.  If you're looking for a program that leaves nothing out and prepares you for love in the realest possible way, the Inspired Love Program is what you're looking for.  


Apply at the link below and we are so excited to meet you on your discovery call!           

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