3 People Who Will Usually Take Up Too Much Space In Your Life

There's a great quote that says something like, "A person is the average of the 5 people they spend the most time with."

I'm not sure if that's exactly how it goes, but the meaning is still there. The environment that we surround ourselves with has a massive impact on our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and ultimately our life results.

Something we often coach in our programs is that if you want something in life you have to know and associate with people who have it and/or are working on having it. For example, if you want a conscious, Loving relationship, you need to figure out how to create relationships with people who are in relationships like that, as well as people who are also looking to create that for themselves.

That's one of the reasons we Love our Mastermind groups so much, because we get to connect each week with a group of committed people and have a deep, insightful conversation about conscious relationships, how they look, and how to create them.

If fighting, arguing, lying, cheating, etc. have been part of all of your past relationships, your parents had a relationship like that, all the people you know have relationships like that, when we say that we have a relationship where we never fight and always treat each other with kindness, you might think we're lying about it.

Then even though you might want a relationship like that, you'll doubt that it even exists or assume that it only exists for someone else but not for you.

Maybe it's not about lying and cheating but simply about having relationships with no depth and intimacy. Maybe you believe that men can't be vulnerable or honest. Maybe you believe that you'll never meet someone that you can have a deep, thoughtful conversation with, or someone who takes your feelings into consideration before they make a decision. Maybe you assume that all people get angry and speak harsh words to each other and just accept that behavior as being normal.

Our point is that you can only know to be true what you see and experience on a regular basis. We've met so many amazing men and women who never saw how amazing they are because they surrounded themselves with less than amazing people and assumed they were just like the people in their groups of family and friends.

It can be difficult to cut ties with those people that are holding you back and of course, you may not cut those ties completely, but if you want a fulfilling life and a healthy, loving relationship, you'll at least need some solid boundaries in place to protect you.

This is such a big issue that we thought we should share some insights on it. Here are 3 ways that you know when someone doesn't belong in your life anymore.

#1 Their Lifestyle is Very Different From the Lifestyle That You Want

I used to think that you hang out with your friends because they're your friends, but then I realized that people don't just hang out, they are drawn together to hang out because they share a common purpose. If you don't share that common purpose with someone, you're not going to spend much time with them no matter how much you like them.

This point is so important and it's so often overlooked. Most people are just busy doing whatever their friends and family are doing, and that's potentially a problem, especially when your friends and family don't have the lifestyle you want.

If you don't have a self-generated purpose, you will accept the purpose of the people around you. And if you do that, your life will pass you by and you will never be fulfilled.

Let's say you want a Loving, intimate relationship and all of your relationships in the past have not been that. Whatever you've been doing to meet those people, wherever you've been going, and whoever's been taking you there needs to change.

Some people say they want a conscious relationship but then surround themselves with people who complain and talk about how terrible their relationships are or how awful men/women are. That environment doesn't allow for a Loving relationship to show up or for you to even believe it exists.

There are good people in the world looking for Love. If you're not meeting them, that's more about your strategy not working than it is about them not being there.

This goes for everything: If you want to make more money, you have to be in environments where people are making money. If you want a healthy lifestyle, you have to be connected to people who have one. If you want to grow spiritually, you put yourself in environments where that is happening.

You may care deeply about some people in your life and yet decide that the lifestyle you want requires meeting new people and that you need some space to do so. A real friend will understand that you're doing what's right for you and they'll want to support that.

#2 Your Exes... Let Them Go

If you're someone w