3 Reasons Powerful Women Don't Find Love

Some of the women we work with are among the most incredible people we know. They are accomplished, powerful, creative, and talented. Many of them rise to the top in almost every environment they're in.

People look up to them, admire them, and want to be like them. They seem to "have it all" and be the ones that can do anything.

That's why when they come to us, they are plagued by these questions:

Why can't I meet someone?

Why can't I make a real connection?

Why can't I find Love?

It can feel like a mystery when you're someone who is talented, successful, and admired. People Love you but you can't find someone to really Love you in the way that you want to be Loved.

This can lead to all kinds of questions and fears, thinking there's something wrong with you and doubting that you'll ever meet someone. You may start to feel unattractive, intimidating, or think you drive men away.

You may be telling yourself that the right person will come along but in your heart, you doubt if that's really true. Maybe you tell yourself that you don't need anyone, that you've got it all under control, and while you may, you still can't entirely shake that longing to share your life with someone.

You may not even let yourself say what you want out loud but somewhere inside you know you desire to Love and be Loved and that's a dream that never seems to go away no matter how defeated you may feel about it.

If these are your thoughts, you're not alone in this. We've known many people who shared these same feelings and we've been those people too. Even if you believe you're doomed, we promise that you're not, but you might have some habits that are limiting your connection with other people.

In this post we're sharing the 3 primary reasons why powerful women struggle to find Love.

#1 Convincing yourself that you don't need someone is a great way to never meet someone

If you're someone who is powerful in their own right and can provide for themselves in most respects, you probably hate the idea of needing a man. While we're not arguing that you "need" a man or that you can't do it yourself, we want to point out that something nobody can provide for themselves is partnership.

You don't need a man to pay your bills or take care of you in certain ways, but you do need other people--not to survive, but to thrive. Not needing someone on a financial or material level doesn't mean that you don't need someone on an emotional and even spiritual level.

Relationships are an essential part of life, an essential part of becoming everything that we're meant to become. This is simply not a task that can be accomplished alone. To avoid relationships is to avoid a very vital aspect of life fulfillment.

It's not that you need someone, it's that you want to need them. Trying to convince yourself that you don't need someone is going against those very things that you desire most in your heart.

We all want someone to be there for us, someone that we can rely on. We want someone to care about the things that are important to us and support us on our life journey. This is a very human desire and acting like you don't want that is actually unattractive to a person who wants to give that to you.

Stop convincing yourself that you don't need anybody and recognize how much you do. Honestly accept how much more enjoyable life will be with a partner. Be vulnerable enough to honestly desire it, that's the only way it will come to you.

#2 Stop waiting for them to make the move and learn to be seductive

If you've ever seen a man you're attracted to and thought to yourself, "If he's really interested, he'll come talk to me," you're wrong.

We tend to think that men approach women because men traditionally have the role of being the initiator and the pursuer. Men should be the ones to pursue, but the woman mu