3 Sure Signs That You Should End It

When you're dating, you have the single most valuable resource: TIME.

There is a process that anyone can go through that will ultimately result in finding True Love. As we like to say, we tested this process with each other and then proved it with hundreds of people like you.

If this process works (and we have no doubt that it does), then why do some people never find Love?

Our answer is simple--they don't give themselves the time.

Instead, they waste time either chasing relationships that will never work or avoiding relationships altogether and then end up running out of time. The older you get, the more challenging dating becomes. We're not saying it has to be that way, but that seems to be the honest experience of most people.

The longer you go without Love, the more likely you are to remain without it. And the more time you spend in unfulfilling relationships, the more you will believe that's all that's out there.

To find Love you need to actively engage in dating--that goes without saying. But to find Love you also need to actively engage in leaving people that cannot and /or will not give you what you want.

That's what this post is about.

This week's blog is about knowing when to walk away and we're going to share 3 specific signs that let you know it's time. Part of finding Love is moving on at the right time, and something you have to learn is when that right time comes around.

Waiting, hoping, and wishing that one day a relationship will become what you want it to be is one of the greatest obstacles that you will face. We know how enticing it can be and how you can justify one more month or even a year to see if that person comes around.

That's why we're sharing this with you, so that you'll know what to look for and you won't be fooled into believing that that relationship is something that it isn't.

Please keep in mind that this post is written for someone who is in a relatively new relationship, a few months to a year. While the principles are the same, the conversation would be different if we were speaking to a couple that's been together for several years.

Let's begin. Here are the 3 Sure Signs That You Should End It:

#1 They aren't making it exclusive

If you're familiar with our content then you've probably heard us speak about the natural progression of a relationship from just dating to making it official to making a commitment like moving in together, etc.

Relationships should follow this natural progression and they should do so along a certain timeline. When someone prevents this natural progression, they are showing you that they don't really want a relationship. They might want some company, a sexual partner, even a friend (most times with benefits), but that's not the same thing as wanting a relationship.

The first big step you take in this progression is the transition from just dating and getting to know each other to becoming an exclusive couple. People may tend to make this step a much bigger deal than it actually is, especially when they are trying to avoid taking it.

If someone doesn't want to be exclusive with you then they don't really want a relationship with you. Don't fool yourself into believing otherwise.

It's not asking too much to ask someone to stop seeing other people and give a relationship with you an honest chance. 3 months is the maximum amount of time that we allot to have someone be willing to make it exclusive (that may even be too long in most cases).

If you truly want a relationship and you allow someone to drag on and on without showing you the smallest promise of it (which is making it exclusive), you are only setting yourself up for pain and rejection. We don't have to tell you this (because you know)--the longer you allow this to go on, the more it hurts.

We find that in general, men will tend to drag it on and women will be more likely to want a relationship. Of course, there are cases of the reverse, but we've found this to be more common. Women often feel helpless waiting for a man to make up his mind about her, and when this happens she's forgotten one important thing--women teach men how to treat them.

You always get what you allow in relationships. If you allow little to no commitment, then that's all you'll ever have. When you require commitment, you will meet people who want to commit and naturally eliminate those that don't.