3 Ways For Singles To Build Confidence and Worth While Social-Distancing

It's an interesting time to be alive! Life as we know it is changing very rapidly.

Perhaps you are experiencing fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm or perhaps you have a more positive outlook on the changes that are happening, thinking they will lead to a positive result. Certainly, there are people thinking and feeling everything from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Whatever you are going through personally, one thing is for sure--things are changing. Things in our lives that we took for granted and thought would always be there (like going out for a cup of coffee) are suddenly gone, and if you’re anything like us you have had to make a lot of changes in a short period of time. You've changed plans, re-organized routines, canceled travel, made financial decisions, and so on.

Change is unsettling to us because we become very identified with the things we do--going to work, going out with our friends, going to the gym. These are things that often give us a sense of worthiness and value. When they're gone, we can sometimes feel less about ourselves because of it.

If you're single right now, you may be feeling very alone and defeated about ever meeting someone. Especially if you've been actively dating and felt like you were getting somewhere, this could feel like a massive interruption and can kill your confidence.

Not being able to see your friends or engage in hobbies the way that you're used to, especially when you live alone can begin to feel very lonely.

This time will be challenging, there's no way around that, but it's also a time of great possibility. If you're looking at it like this is "time-off", we think you're missing something very important.

If you do nothing with this time, you will have a very hard time getting moving when this thing passes but if you use it wisely, you will cultivate so much opportunity and momentum that when we get moving again, you will accelerate yourself in ways that you might not even imagine now.

In fact, in our opinion, dating just got easier.

There are some things to start with now that 6 months from now you will be so grateful you did. We have a few ideas on exactly what you can be doing to make the most of it and we're going to be sharing them with you.

So here are 3 ways that you can use this time to better yourself and your dating life to come out of this, smarter, stronger and sexier than ever before!

#1 If all you're doing is watching Netflix, it’s time to wake up!

How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I had time to focus on the things that are really important to me."

Most people have wished for that just a few times. In our view, there is nothing better to be doing right now. You have all human knowledge at your fingertips. You can literally learn anything you want to. You can take an online course on any topic. If you've ever wanted to build a business that generates passive income, this is the time to do it.

People who went through situations like this 100 years ago did not have the resources that we do now. We are so blessed and fortunate to have access to what we have right now and 90% of the resources that are out there are absolutely free! Social media is being bombarded with at-home workout options, and if you want to, you could be in the best shape of your life when this is over.

We have said before that quality people seek 3 things: education, motivation, and inspiration. And quality people are seeking that NOW more than ever. The best way to date is to become the best version of yourself and if you are not working on being your best self now, when will you ever do it?

Grow mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally--come out of this better than you went in, in every way. The sexiest thing a person can do is to become the best version of themselves and you may not have another opportunity to focus on that in this way for a very long time.

So what are you excited about? What are you passionate about? And how can you start exploring that deeper right now? Nothing boosts a person's confidence and self-worth like personal growth. If you're not growing, you're stagnant.

#2 Let's talk about what's really going on…

Another thing to be focused on during this time is what we call contextual work.

Do some introspection.

Contextual work is work around your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and fears. When it comes to relationships, we all have work to do in this area.

The number one reason that people don't focus on this kind of work, aside