Can Dating Really Be Easy, Enjoyable and Fun???

Dating Sucks!!!

Dating is soooo hard!!!

There aren't any good people out there!!!

I'm never going to meet someone!!!

Have you found yourself saying things like this before?

Truth be told, this is how most people experience dating:






When you see that this is the experience most people are having around dating and relationships, it's not surprising to find that so many people end up alone.

The truth is nobody has the emotional fortitude to withstand this experience for years, so if you don't learn how to shift your relationship with dating and make it become fun and easy, you will eventually give up and resign yourself to a life alone.

Eventually, the comfort that you find in avoiding it starts to look way more attractive than the pain you experience when you put yourself out there. More and more you retreat into the comfort and predictability of your routine and finding Love starts to seem farther and farther away. The years pass by and one day you realize that your time has run out and it's unlikely that you'll ever meet someone.

This is a very real experience for a lot of people.

Love requires effort, but that doesn't mean it's hard. In fact, one of the things we focus on with our clients is making the whole process easy, inspiring, and fun!

Together, we transform the dating process from one of rejection, exhaustion, and defeat, to one of having a great time, meeting great people, experiencing massive personal growth, and at the end of the day finding someone that you can truly share a life with.

In truth, this may be the only difference between those who actually meet the right person and those who, after an endless string of heartbreaks, give up altogether.

In this post, we're sharing with you 3 simple ways that you can transform your relationship with dating and start to have a lot of fun with it in no time.

1. Explore your passions and do it with others

Most people are so concerned with everyday survival that they give very little consideration to what they are actually passionate about. Passion is essential to a healthy relationship and if you think you'll suddenly become passionate when you meet someone, you are mistaken.

We tend to think of dating as a chore, of forcing ourselves to go out of our way to meet people that we probably don't really want to meet anyway. No wonder it ends up being lame and awkward.

Whatever you Love to do, there are great people that also Love those same things. In fact, you can meet a ton of great people simply by doing things that you Love to do!

Identify interests and activities that inspire you and find ways to engage in those things that include ot