Can You Still Find Love in 2020?

In case you haven't noticed, we are smack in the middle of the most insane year of most of our lifetimes. It seems that almost every day we are receiving news of some new crisis that is going to change our lives forever. People are experiencing a range of emotions from extreme scarcity to extreme joy and the only thing we are certain about it how uncertain the future really is.

It's easy to go into crisis mode in the midst of all the events that are happening (some might even say it's irresponsible not to) and with everything that's changing you may be experiencing your search for Love as more difficult than ever--we know a lot of people are.

You may think that Love and dating are the last things you should be thinking about right now, telling yourself there are so many more important things at hand. We can understand why you might feel that way, of course, but we also understand that now more than ever most people want good company, friendship, and companionship.

We also see that times of change are times of great possibility, and when you are in crisis-mode you are more likely to miss a possibility that you could have seized.

If you're feeling hopeless about Love right now, we want to assure you that all is not lost, that there are just as many opportunities for Love as ever. We also want to encourage you to stay committed. Don't let the uncertainty of things make you doubt that a positive outcome for you is coming.

In light of everything that's happening right now, we think that it is important to share some hope and positivity. There are scary things on the news, but we are seeing beautiful things every day right in front of us and especially with the clients we work with.

People are still finding Love in the midst of what's happening, still living their lives in joyful and powerful ways, and even though we are going through massive individual and collective challenges, people are growing through these challenges and becoming better than ever before.

20/20 also represents clear vision. Now, we don't believe in coincidences--it's no accident that we're going through what we're going through right now.

This week, we want to share some tips that we're using with our clients to navigate 2020 in a powerful way to ensure that you don't end the year alone.

We Need Connection Now More Than Ever

Love and connection are basic human needs, nobody can thrive without them. If you've ever wondered what your deep desire for a life partner is all about, it's really as simple as that.

We all want the feeling of being connected to something secure, safe, and Loving. We all want to know that we are important, that we matter, something that can only be recognized in relationship with another person or other people. Nothing quite satisfies this need like a Loving intimate partnership. Knowing that someone has chosen you, is committed to you, and will be there for you through thick and thin fulfills these deep human needs in a way that no other kind of relationship can.

This is why intimate, romantic relationships can be so beautiful and also so painful. They deal with those things that are most personal to us and touch the deepest parts of who we are. They open us in a way that no other relationship does and therefore can hurt us in a way that no other relationship does.

2020 offers an opportunity for connection in a way that we've never had before. We have been stripped of so many distractions. Where we used to have an excess of ways to occupy ourselves and ignore our inner loneliness, in many ways we are now forced to face it.

If you are alone right now or in an unhealthy relationship, you are surely feeling it more than ever. If you have the courage to own it, naturally, you are craving connection more than ever. If that's you, we promise you're not alone in that feeling.

The dating world in the past has largely been made up of people who did not respect each others' need for Love and connection, often manipulating and taking advantage of that need. People are getting smarter about this and their tolerance for BS has dropped considerably which makes it challenging for people who want to play games.

Those who are looking for authentic connection and are willing to respect that need in others have a lot of opportunities to find it right now because so many people are waking up to how much they truly crave it.

This is a time for us to start connecting in a new way, in an authentic way. The same old dating games might not work but that's a good thing. If you want an authentic, vulnerable, and honest relationship, we are positive there is someone nearby who is wanting the same thing and we think it's easier then ever for you to find each other.

2020 Represents Clear Hindsight

You've certainly heard the phrase "hindsight is 2020". We find it such a fitting term for what we've seen happening this year. Personal growth and development have been on the rise for some time now as we have started to recognize that another fundamental human need is meaning, that there has to be more to life than the scramble for survival most people have lived in for centuries.