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No matter where you go, there you are

The most extraordinary Life will emerge from within you, as will the least extraordinary.

Our greatest mistake

In The Living Relationship we say that all of our challenges in Life come from a fundamental misinterpretation of the nature of #Life and our relationship to it. Our work is designed to support you in creating a Life in which #happiness, #prosperity and #love emerge effortlessly and naturally.

The greatest mistake that all people make, is holding to any idea in which they believe they know how Life is. The TRUTH regarding this is that Life is not any way in particular. Life shows up consistent with the frame that we put it in. If we frame it in happiness, prosperity and love that is what will emerge.

People suffer in Life because they have framed it in a way that causes suffering. Of all the tools and tricks that we attempt to find happiness, none of them suffice, and none of them will until we learn to frame life in a happy way.

The most extraordinary frame

We underestimate the mind and it's ability to shape our lives. We think that we have idle thoughts from which there are no effects and this is far from true. Imagine baking a cake, your Life is the completed cake and your thoughts are the ingredients which you put into the mix. Each thought you entertain, especially the ones that you entertain often, are ingredients that are thrown into the mix and baked into the oven of your consciousness. You wouldn't mix sand into cake batter, so then how do we justify holding thoughts of anger, fear, self-depreciation, and victimization? How can we think that viewing Life in this way will not impact the way we think, the way we view ourselves and others, and ultimately the results we have.

People are far too tolerant of mind wandering. Your mind is a beautiful machine. When properly trained and cared for it is immensely loving, highly effective, and incredibly powerful. When neglected and left to accumulate a thought system that lacks thoughtful questioning and discernment, it is highly destructive, often cruel, and ultimately useless in terms of having the Life that you want.

We must frame our life with thoughts and perspectives that truly reflect the kind of Life we wish to have because that is, in fact, what they will do. You wouldn't take a million dollar painting and frame it in sticks, you would create a frame that is suitable for a million dollar painting. Doesn't your life deserve the same?


At the end of your day today consider these questions- try it for a week.

  • What were your most consistent thoughts throughout the day?

  • Do you notice any patterns in your thoughts this week? What are the major themes?

  • If there was any conflict (internally or with others) can you identify the thoughts that generated it?

  • Can you see how any of the things that happened today directly link to your way of thinking about it?

  • If you were to rate your thoughts as a whole today in terms of them moving you toward the Life you want to have, how would you rate them? (Scale 1-10; 10 being best)

Consciousness Training is all about having a Mind that operates at its greatest capacity. It is about the ability to have Life unfold according to your heart's desire. This is what it means to have a Life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love.

For those of you who use the practice, please share what you find! I'm so interested in what you notice.


Shane Kohler is an international consciousness trainer, coach, teacher and The Creator of The Living Relationship Curriculum. #thelivingrelationship

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