How to Make a Great Man Love You and Only You

Let's start with a few important points before we dive into this topic...

This post is designed to be a step-by-step guide for how to have a man fall in Love with you. It's not designed to tell you how to get a man to like you or how to get a man's attention or approval.

It's not even designed to tell you how to get a specific man to like you (maybe one that you're thinking about). If you are looking for some quick tips on how to get some guy that you're interested in to pay attention to you, this post isn't for you. We don't teach that because to be honest, there's no way to do that without it being completely disempowering, and we're not here to disempower you.

What we are going to reveal in this post is the specific process of how to meet an honorable man, one who will respect and appreciate you and will want to spend his life with you, the kind of man with whom you could have a family, travel the world, and create your dreams.

Sometimes following these instructions means that you will lose that guy that you're thinking about right now, the one that you're clinging to, hoping it will work out, and even though you know you deserve better, you're afraid there's nothing better out there.

Sometimes this process means you have to choose to give up on a person rather than giving up on your dreams.

We promise you one thing: this process will work, as long as you still have time to implement it, but it will force you to challenge yourself in ways that you may be avoiding, and you are avoiding them because you're afraid to pay the cost.

Even though you may be afraid to apply some of the concepts we are presenting, if you listen to your heart and you trust yourself, you will see the truth in what we're saying here and you'll understand what you have to do.

So let's begin. We're going to share a step-by-step process for meeting a good man, falling in Love, and creating a conscious relationship that will last a lifetime.

Step 1: Lose the need for any man's approval.

We've heard it said many times that girls like bad boys. It is one of the truest things ever said: Girls like bad boys. But the opposite of this is also true: Women like good Men.

We're not speaking in terms of age here, we are speaking in terms of a person who has "come into her own" so to speak. Someone that knows who she is, what she stands for, and what she expects from men has lost all attraction for the "bad boy."

Let's call out about this "bad boy" conversation for what it really is:

It is the feeling of not being worthy projected into your relationship. It is the lack of personal internal validation which then begins seeking that validation from another person.

It's the idea that: "When I can get this person who treats me like crap to Love me and be kind to me, then I will be worthy."

And also: "Because I do not feel worthy already, I have to put myself in situations in which I am constantly living out the need to prove my worthiness."

Weak men surround themselves with women who are trying to get their approval. It's the law of attraction--people with low confidence will draw to them other people who reflect that low level of confidence.

In the instance of a good-hearted woman entertaining a toxic man, striving to prove that she is worthy enough for him to change and become the man she really needs in her life, we have a woman using that man to validate her feelings of unworthiness while he uses her to validate his feeling of not being enough of a man. As long as neither of them recognizes that they deserve better, they will continue to hurt each other, and this cycle will continue indefinitely.

The truth is, even if he one day becomes the man she's always wished he would be, if she hasn't changed, she will lose interest. She will still need a relationship that forces her to constantly fight to be "enough". This is why overcoming that need for approval from any man is the essential first step.

Step 2: Recognize the difference between a "Nice Guy" and a Committed Man

In this paradigm, women tend to look at the good guy as being boring, lame, unexciting, needy, a pushover, etc., and in all fairness, what we tend to think of as the "nice guy" usually is all of these things.