Think You're "Too Much" For Men? You Should Read This.

Some of the most common complaints we hear from women about dating are:

"I'm too much for men."

"I intimidate men."

"I drive men away."

Many women experience this, but usually what women think is them being "too much" is actually something else entirely.

In certain instances, driving men away is exactly what you need to do. Of course there are instances where you don't want to do that and if you're driving away the wrong people, that will put a serious damper on your love life.

When you're dating a man, you'll want to test him to see if he is even worth hanging around. Oftentimes, though, when you think you are putting him to the test, you are actually doing the very things that drive good men away.

While you are putting him to the test, you'll need to balance it with being flirty and feminine to make him want to pursue you. This can sometimes be a challenging balance to achieve, especially for confident and powerful women who don't "need a man" so to speak.

So how can you be confident and powerful while still being intimate and feminine?