Why Some Find Love and Others Don't

We'd like you to consider an interesting question...

What does it mean to Stand for the Love That You Deserve? 

We know, it's a strange sentence. Most people don't talk like that but consider the meaning of that statement for a moment:

"I stand for the Love that I deserve."  

What if we told you that this one sentence is the only thing that makes the difference between ending up in another dead-end relationship and falling in Love with THE LOVE of your life?  That it's the one skill that people who find Love learn to master and the only reason that people don't find Love is because they haven't mastered it. 

Would you believe us? 

The conventional dating and relationship game has a way of getting people wrapped up in things that they never thought they'd be in (If you say this has never happened to you, you're full of it!). It's been proven over and over again that in matters of the heart, logic is often the first thing to go, followed closely by everything else that helps us make sane decisions.

We all want to be loved and when we feel like we're getting that, we will go to insane extents to prevent losing that feeling. Sometimes the drive to keep that feeling (and person) around will cause us to allow for things that we know we shouldn't and compromise things that really are important to us.

Sometimes the fear of "being alone" outweighs what we know deep down is best for us and so just to have some company, we settle for less than what we really want. Everyone goes through this to some extent, but those who actually find the amazing relationship of their dreams learn how to stop these destructive patterns.

We tend to think that those who find Love are lucky, or that Love doesn't really exist at all, but what if finding Love was simply a matter of learning a few skills (skills that our clients are becoming masters of all the time)?