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How To Attract Your

Ideal Partner

Understand the secret to Attracting that special someone who is PERFECT for you so you can create your dreams together and watch your Epic Love Story unfold.

Lover's Kiss

Why do some find their Forever Love while others repeat the same unfulfilling cycles over and over? 

In this workshop, we're revealing what makes the difference...  

In this Workshop...

1.  Go back to the beginning, when did you start to develop ideas that would later make Love feel impossible for you?

2. Discover why we push Love away while pursuing relationships that ultimately go nowhere. 


3. Why we attract and are attracted to people who will ultimately hurt us and how to break these traumatic attraction cycles.  

4. Learn about the deepest levels of relational compatibility and see how most relationships have no connection on these levels.


5. Understand how to Attract Your Ideal Partner and how you are probably much closer than you think! 

Romantic Couple on Dock

I wish I had done it sooner, to save myself years.  I am now engaged to the most incredible man!  I realized very quickly that things were worse than I had thought.  I was guarded and defensive from years of disappointment.  I started this process because I wanted to find Love and that's exactly what I found! 


Shane and Fatima walk the walk.  In a gentle and loving way, they show you step-by-step, how to create a conscious relationship.  They are very generous listeners and they are always on the side of your extraordinary love.  I highly recommend them.


In working with The Living Relationship, I found love!  And I was ready for it.


Couple's Embrace

The Love you're craving is closer than you think! 

Don't miss this opportunity!