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3 Things That Make a Man Fall in Love

If you've ever been into someone who didn't feel the same in return then you know what it feels like to ask this question:

"What do I have to do to get him to want me?"

When you can see so clearly how perfect you would be together, it's maddening that he can't see it too.

It can be especially painful when you've invested a lot of time and energy with someone just to have them finally reveal that they don't see things the same way and that they thought you knew how they felt.

It's times like these that if you only knew how to make someone fall in Love with you things would be so much easier. In this week's post, we're sharing some of the secrets we've found to do just that.

Before we jump into it, we want to let you know that it's probably not what you think it is.

It has nothing to do with being sexier, skinnier, or even smarter.

In fact, if you do well what we're suggesting in this post, a man will likely choose you even over someone he may find to be objectively more "attractive".

So read on. We're going to share the 3 things that are most likely to make a man fall in Love with you. Enjoy the read!

#1 Believe In and Support Him

One of the biggest suggestions we make to anyone seeking a relationship with a man is to find someone who is up to something in his life.

This doesn't necessarily mean a career, although it often can, but find a man who has goals, dreams, and ambitions. This is a strong sign of someone who Loves himself and therefore is in a place in life where he is ready to Love someone else.

When you meet a man who has goals, dreams, and ambitions, and you truly believe in him, he starts to feel invincible. He feels like he can accomplish anything.

Don't underestimate the power of supporting him in the things that matter most to him. It will touch his heart in a way that almost nothing else can.

When you do this, you become a part of his team. He starts to associate you as an integral part of his life so he can't imagine continuing the journey without you.

In those moments when he's struggling and doesn't think he can complete the task, yours will be the voice that reminds him of who he is and what he can do and he will appreciate you for it.

A powerful man knows that he needs a partner. He knows that he can't thrive on this journey alone. But he can also feel when someone isn't up to the task or doesn't believe in him and that will prevent him from falling in Love.

We can't stress enough that for this to work, it's important to find someone who has powerful dreams and ambitions and that you truly align with them. It will be an ordeal trying to believe in someone who doesn't believe in himself and you can't truly support something that you're not really aligned with.

When you meet that person that is going somewhere and you know that it's a journey you want to go on with him, believe in him, encourage him, and become an essential part of his team. He'll also become an essential part of yours.

#2 Challenge Him

Men don't want it to come easy. Boys do.

Men know that challenges make them better. Boys complain about them.

Men respect a woman who can challenge them. Boys are intimidated by it.

If you want a man's respect, you have to challenge him. You have to use your voice, communicate your boundaries, and ask for what you want. That's self-respect and if you don't give that to yourself, you can't expect someone else to.

Culturally, we've disempowered women and because of this, many women have learned that the way to get respect is to be agreeable and to try to make others happy at their own expense. But when you choose to give away your voice for the sake of not making any waves, you lose respect for yourself and others lose respect for you.

The opposite extreme is to lash out aggressively which is what happens when you bottle it up until you can't take it anymore but ultimately, this causes you to lose respect as well.

There's something incredibly powerful when in a kind and confident way, you communicate your needs and expect a man to want to fulfill them. You don't have to force him to do anything. He wants to do it because he wants to make you happy.

The message is clear: "This is what I'm looking for in a man. You can choose to be that man or not, but only someone who chooses to be that man gets the privilege of being with me."

We call this throwing down the challenge. You're asking him to rise to the challenge of making you happy.

Weaker men will be intimidated by this. Let them be. They don't value you because they don't value themselves so they're not interested in working for anyone or anything that's valuable. But when you're honest, what kind of life can you see with a man like that anyway?

You want a man who appreciates you, Loves you, and wants to make you happy. He understands how blessed he is to be sharing his life with you and he never wants you to regret that decision so he'll rise to the challenge time and time again.

#3 Grow With Him

More than anything, a man needs to get the feeling that with you he will be so much better off than without you.

It's not about how you look or how smart you are or how much fun you have together. Those things are enough for a good time but not for a lifetime commitment.

He has to experience his relationship with you in a way where he knows that losing you would be the biggest mistake he's ever made. He has to know that a life with you is the ultimate prize more than any other achievement he could have.

So how do you create this?

In many ways, this is the result of a combination of the two ideas discussed earlier--believing in him and challenging him.

Believing in him makes you a powerful source of emotional support while challenging him causes him to grow and become better because of your relationship.

He trusts you because he knows you are honest about how you're feeling and you ask for what you want. He trusts you because when he's down you're there to pick him up. He knows you have his back and he can rely on you.

And he knows you're not going to sell out on him for his comfort or your own. He knows you make him a better person.

This is why "trying" to get someone to Love you will never work. The moment you start trying, you become inauthentic. You compromise yourself for the sake of the other person and lose their respect.

Being pleasant and agreeable is enough to get someone's attention but not enough to make them fall for you, and being aggressive just pushes people away.

The secret is to be empowered. To be confident about who you are and what you have to offer. To share your gifts fully and be fully authentic.

When you try doing anything else to get someone's Love, they can feel it, they know it's fake, and they won't Love you.

What we're suggesting here won't work for all men but it will work for the right man.

If you share yourself with someone and they don't appreciate you for who you are, trying harder to get their Love is the wrong move.

Why would you want a relationship with someone who doesn't appreciate you for who you are?

If you could really understand that any time spent being something you're not or trying to impress someone who's not interested in stepping up for the relationship is time wasted, most of your problems with Love and relationships would be immediately solved.

Your ideal partner is waiting for you to be authentically you and when they see it they will fall head over heels!

It all begins with worthiness. Knowing your worth gives you the courage to share your gifts fully, to communicate what you want in a relationship, to challenge a man in a way that has him want to step up, and to be selective about who you choose rather than waiting around for someone to someday choose you.

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We know the feeling of being alone, of struggling through what seems like an endless series of dead-end relationships, of waiting for the phone to ring, of being rejected and let down again and again.

We know what it's like to go to bed alone each night wondering if that will ever change and fearing that it might not.

We know these experiences all too well and that is why we do the work we do. We want you to know that you can find Love, that the application of these simple tools and practices can make a complete difference in every aspect of your Love life, ultimately leading you to the intimate, loving, lifetime partnership you so deeply crave.

You're not in this alone. We're here for you <3


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