Is He Breadcrumbing You?

Ever been Breadcrumbed by someone?

Breadcrumbing is when someone is giving you the minimum amount of attention and investment necessary to keep you from walking away. Just when you've had it and you're ready to move on, they do or say something and it's just enough to pull you right back in.

You hear nothing for weeks and right when you're about to let go altogether, they call. They want to see you, they fill you with hope, and leave you thinking, "maybe this could work..."

And then, they disappear again.

You feel like you're always waiting around for them to call or text or to want to see you, but it never seems like they're waiting on you. They keep you so starved for Love and affection that you start to become grateful for any little bit of their attention...

The crumbs.

You get angry because they've gone dark again but when they call, it makes you so happy that you forget why you were angry. And then the cycle starts again, each time giving you just enough hope to keep hanging on but so little effort that you'll never be happy.

We know you want to find Love. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.

You want someone you can count on to be there when you need them, to have your back, to Love and support you. You want something real and authentic. And you want this person to be the one.

We understand that more than you know, but if you really are being breadcrumbed, they are not The One.