The Natural Timeline of a Conscious Relationship

We've made our life's work studying relationships...

All different kinds of relationships with all different kinds of people in all different kinds of places.

Relationships are incredibly involved and complex. They can take many different forms and show up in all kinds of ways but when we really look at it, we can narrow them all down to 2 categories:

Relationships that are going somewhere and relationships that aren't.

This comes after coaching hundreds of individuals in creating their Lifetime Love, after seeing many people get married (and many get divorced), and after our own experiences surviving all kinds of toxic situations and finally making our way to each other.

What we're sharing with you here are the patterns we've observed time and time again, and we can say with certainty that when a relationship is going somewhere, it follows a natural timeline.

If you know what you're looking for, you can see from very early on how much potential a relationship really has. Being able to see that is the difference between spending 3 months with the wrong person and 3 years with them.

Probably the most important thing to pay attention to is the timeline we're about to share with you.

When a relationship is going somewhere, it naturally unfolds along this timeline. And when someone is preventing it from moving forward, they are showing you there's no real future with them.

To simplify this conversation, we're going to break down the first 2 years of a relationship into 3 phases:

The Discovery Phase, the Building Phase, and the Commitment Phase.

By helping you understand how these phases unfold and what they look like, you can know if your relationship is on track to actually go somewhere.

Conscious Relationships unfold along this natural timeline. In this post, we're revealing what that timeline is so you can recognize it and know if the relationship you're in is on track for a real future.

Phase 1: The Discovery Phase (0-3 Months)

The Discovery Phase is exactly what it sounds like--you are in discovery with this person to see the true potential you have to create a lasting, Loving, and conscious relationship together.

This phase begins with a mutual interest in each other and ends when you become an exclusive couple. It's important to note that most of the people you develop an interest in will never make it beyond this phase--

And that's ok!

Not all relationships are meant to be. When you meet someone, don't have an unrealistic desire to make the relationship go somewhere. Instead, acknowledge that there's a good chance it won't and explore what true potential you do have, if any, with each other.

When you do this consciously and honestly, it won't take more than 3 months to determine how much potential you have and in most cases, it won't even take that long.

The problem that most of us encounter in this phase is not being honest about what we see. Even when we see that there's not much real potential, we're not ready to let go so we cling to the relationship, hanging on longer than we should. The relationship has no future but we cling to it anyway, holding on until it just gets too destructive or too painful.

If the potential isn't there, you'll never really make it out of the Discovery Phase, meaning you'll never make it to a deeper level of commitment. This is why couples can spend years together, still in discovery, never taking any significant steps forward.