What Makes a Man Want Commitment?

When it comes to Love, most of us are looking for commitment.

Nobody wants to invest years of their life, time, energy, and Love into something that is ultimately going nowhere. You want to invest in a partner that will build a life with you, grow with you, and become closer and more intimate over time. Someone you can create your dreams with.

You've attempted this before and if you're reading this post, it's likely you haven't found what you're looking for. That's to be expected in modern dating culture where it's tough to make an authentic connection with anyone.

You're not alone in this. So many people are having this same challenge but it's not hopeless.

Love is available to you now more than ever.

You're probably wondering if true commitment is even something you should hope for or if seeking it is just a waste of time and energy. The dating world is full of men who want nothing more than a casual hookup and some of them won't even be honest with you about it. How can you realistically expect to find Love in all of this?

It's certainly not the easiest thing to do but despite that, the people we work with are finding Love and true commitment all of the time.

Just as there are men in the world who are only interested in immediate gratification, there are also men who know there's more to life than that and they want a relationship with someone like you--something safe, Loving, and committed.

You are not asking for too much but you may be asking the wrong people in the wrong places. Just because you haven't found that man yet, doesn't mean that he's not out there looking for you right now.

In this post, we're going to share exactly how you find that man and the commitment you're looking for with him.

First, consider: How do you think about men?

We tend to lump men and women into 1 big category with blanket statements like, "Men are like this and women are like that..."

That's a big mistake when it comes to finding Love.

If you think of men as one big category that share the same characteristics, you're going to think that all men are like the men you've known in the past. And if in the past you haven't known the kind of man you want to spend your life with, you're likely to conclude that he doesn't exist.

This is how our belief systems work. We all do this. All the time. With everything.

The problem is that there truly are all different kinds of men and most definitely there is one who is perfectly suited for you. When you think that all men are this way or that way, psychologically speaking, you're only open to entertaining men who fit in with the way you think men are.

For example, let's take one common limiting belief about men. If you say, "Men are only interested in sex," you're going to become hyper-aware of any time a man seems to be interested in you (or someone else) sexually.

If you develop resistance to this idea, i.e. "Men are only interested in sex and that's wrong," not only will you be hyper-aware of it, but you'll also be offended by it.

Then whenever you interact with a man, you look for any evidence of him showing sexual interest. Whenever you find it you say, "See I knew it! All men are only interested in sex."

And when it's not there you say, "I know that's all he really wants anyway."

Then what happens is that whenever you encounter a man who doesn't seem to be interested in sex, you view him as somehow "less of a man" because he doesn't fit the idea you have about how men are.

In addition to that, when you want to attract a man, you'll try to do so through your sexuality because you think that's all he wants anyway. This in turn will tend to attract more men who are only interested in sex, which will only reinforce that belief.

You can see how this cycle perpetuates itself.

Trying to attract men through your sexuality will cause you to over-exaggerate your sexual characteristics and under-exaggerat