Is He Marriage Material?

You've met someone, you like him. He's fun, interesting, intriguing. Still, you're not too sure about him. You're smart, so you know it all seems really great upfront and while you're excited about the possibilities, you're skeptical--as you should be. There are so many things that could change in the next few months and you know that sometimes men just tell you what you want to hear, that they don't really know what they want, or that even if they seem to want something now, they could feel very different in six months.

What really matters to you is that you don't want to waste your time. If he doesn't want this, that's fine. You know enough by now to not try and force him into something he's not up for. What you really want to know is this: Is he worth your time, your energy, your Love, and your heart? If you invest in this relationship, will the investment pay off? You're at a point now where you don't have time to play games anymore and dating for you is really about discovering the answer to this one question:

"Is he marriage material?"

You are absolutely correct to question this. Your goal with him should be to find out if he is worthy of you and if he will return your commitment with his own. You're right to be skeptical and yet you'll have to risk a little or you'll never really know if it's worth it.

We know from first-hand experience that this can be a very challenging situation to navigate. We know for a fact that there are great men out there that would love nothing more than to find a great woman to spend their lives with. We also know there are men out there pretending to be great men, but they're really still just boys. And we know that you want to know exactly how to tell the difference so you can save yourself the heartache and get moving onto finding your happily ever after.

In this post, we're going to share what we know about the "right" man so you can quickly and easily determine if your new man is the one.

1. Does he make you a priority?

This one idea is so important. It takes so much of the guesswork out of dating. You don't have to try too hard to read into the signs and wonder "what does this mean?" or "how does he really feel?" Boys play games, but men are clear about what they want and they let you know it.